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The Middle States Self-Study Bulletin - October, 2018

Welcome to our second Middle States Bulletin! As you all know, last semester we embarked upon our Middle States Commission on Higher Education Accreditation Self-Study process. While its primary purpose is to demonstrate that Felician University is in compliance with the Commission’s standards and requirements for accreditation, it also provides us with an opportunity to analyze our institutional processes through the lens of our mission. This will help us to continue to improve our services to our students and our community.

We are pleased to report that we now have a Middle States web page with a link on the My Felician web page. By clicking on the Middle States Self-Study Process link you will have access to all of the Middle States resources, the information sources being used by the working groups, and the completed documents generated by each group.

As of June 15, 2018 all seven working groups have submitted their preliminary outlines and are hard at work composing their drafts of their assigned sections. We are in the process of inviting students to join the working groups. Those accepting will attend a luncheon at the castle on October 17 where they will meet the co-chairs of their committees. We are certain that student input will be a great asset to the committees and will provide a valuable perspective for their work.

大家赢娱乐Our first Town Hall meeting is scheduled for the staff on Monday, October 22 in the Lecture Hall. The moderators will be Kathy Prieto and Nicollette Matesic. Department heads are asked to allow as many of their staff members as possible to attend this Town Hall meeting. It will be an open forum to disseminate information about the process and to answer any questions the staff may have about the accrediting team’s visit in the Spring of 2020.

Just a reminder: the self-study needs input from the entire Felician community. Please feel free to contact the co-chairs of the working groups to contribute your thoughts and observations:

Standard 1: Mission and Goals

Co-Chairs: Dr. Sylvia McGeary and Dr. Patrick Weir

Standard 2: Ethics and Integrity

Co-Chairs: Dr. Marie Cueman, Ms. Cynthia Montalvo

Standard 3: Design and Delivery of Student Learning Experience

Co-Chairs: Dr. Christine Mihal, Dr. David Turi

Standard 4: Support of the Student Experience

Co-Chairs: 大家赢娱乐Dr. Ronald Gray, Dr. Dolores Henchy

Standard 5: Educational Effectiveness Assessment

Co-Chairs: 大家赢娱乐Dr. Jeffrey Blanchard, Dr. Patricia O’Brien-Barry

Standard 6: Planning, Resources, and Institutional Improvement

Co-Chairs: Ms. 大家赢娱乐Fran Andrea, Mr. Tom Truchan

Standard 7: Governance, Leadership, and Administration

Co-Chairs: Dr. John Farkas, Mr. Joseph Lizza

Ivswold Castle

Iviswold Castle (the castle on our Rutherford campus) was built in 1869 by NY newspaperman and land developer Floyd W. Tomkins and called “Hill House.” The second owner, David Brinkerhoff Ivison, (president of the American Book Company), had an architect redesign the castle in the style of the Chateau de Chaumont situated in the Loire Valley in France. He named it “Iviswold.”

When Felician bought the property, we undertook a massive project to restore the castle to its original appearance. When drop ceilings and false walls were torn down ornate walnut woodwork, Tiffany windows with portraits of swans and poets, Florentine cherubs and Italian marble fireplaces were discovered. It truly was a treasure trove! In fact, it has been included on the New Jersey Register of Historic Places.

大家赢娱乐One of the most interesting details of the castle was a swimming pool on the second floor (over the drive through arch). That would have been very inviting on some of those hot days we had in August!

大家赢娱乐If you have questions regarding the Middle States Self-Study process, please don’t hesitate to contact your co-chairs, Dr. Mara Zukowski and Dr. Kaye Walter, or our Liaison to Middle States, Dr. Sylvia McGeary.