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Institute for Gerontology (IFC) Advisory Board

Role of the Institute for Gerontology Advisory Board

Complementary to the mission of the University, the purpose of the Institute for Gerontology Advisory Board is to provide the President of the University advice and counsel on the unique role Felician University, as an institution of higher education, could serve in educating the workforce needed to address the growing aging population in today’s society.  


Advisory Board members are appointed by the President of Felician University and represent various sectors of experts in the field of gerontology. Current board members are: 
  • Mary Ann Christopher, MSN, RN, FAAN
  • Michele Elkins, MD
  • Mobin Chadha, LCSW
  • Kenneth Faistl, MD
  • Eric R. Goldberg, Esq.
  • Robert Gordon, Commissioner
  • Lorraine Joewono
  • Paul Langevin
  • David Mayerhoff, MD
  • Lisa Oldham, PhD, RN
  • Manisha Parulekar, MD
  • Theresa M. Redling, DO, FACP
  • Philip Scalo, Esq.


The IFG Advisory Board meets twice each academic year on dates mutually established by the members and the President’s office. Other meetings may be convened as deemed necessary by the Board. Representatives from various governmental, business and organizational sectors may be invited to attend specific meetings as requested by the Board. Minutes are maintained for all meetings and a year-end report is provided to the President’s Office.   


Board recommendations for the development and ongoing work of the Institute for Gerontology is discussed at meetings, chronicled, and presented to the President for consideration. 

Funding Support

大家赢娱乐In addition to institutional funding, investigation into grants and private/public funding to support the Institute for Gerontology is ongoing.