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Mission and Purpose - Institute for Gerontology

University Mission

Felician is an independent co-educational Catholic/Franciscan University founded and sponsored by the Felician Sisters to educate a diverse population of students within the framework of a liberal arts tradition.  Its mission is to provide a full complement of learning experiences, reinforced with strong academic and student development programs designed to bring students to their highest potential and prepare them to meet the challenges of the new century with informed minds and understanding hearts. The enduring purpose of Felician University is to promote a love for learning, a desire for God, self-knowledge, service to others, and respect for all creation.

Institute Purpose

Felician University, in support of its Catholic-Franciscan mission, created an Institute for Gerontology in 2013 to address the human, societal and health conditions of a growing elderly population in the United States.

Working in conjunction with community partners, the Institute provides educational programs, conducts research, and promotes public policy and legislative initiatives that enhance healthy aging. By involving far-reaching constituents, the Institute prepares and assists community leaders in making a difference in the lives of an aging population.       

大家赢娱乐In addition to sponsoring community education programs, the Institute seeks to sponsor state-wide summits on aging. By engaging businesses, non-profit agencies, health care organizations, and educational partners, the Institute expects to reach a broad constituency of citizenry. External funding will be sought to help underwrite these Summits.

The Institute for Gerontology seeks to:
  • Educate and graduate extraordinary students who will transform the national agenda and policy for promoting healthy aging.      
  • Conduct research and design innovative projects aimed at improving the quality of life for older adults while focusing on the humanistic, biological and environmental conditions of aging.  
  • Examine health and social issues, public policy, laws and Medicare/Medicaid programs as they relate to advancing healthy aging. 
  • Publish and disseminate research and scholarly findings in healthcare, business, nursing, religious studies, sociology and political science to help promote healthy aging.     
  • Develop a community-based web-site with educational materials and links to social services and support resources for the elderly and their families.  

The Executive Director of the Institute is an accomplished expert in the field of gerontology and health care.  The Institute is supported by an interdisciplinary faculty in the Schools of Arts and Sciences, Business, Nursing and Education, as well as staff from the offices of Mission Integration, Institutional Research, Institutional Advancement, Information Technology and the Library. 

Felician University faculty includes a number of licensed administrators, advanced practice nurses, registered nurses, teachers, psychologists, lawyers, social workers, counselors, scientists, business leaders and clergy. Along with faculty, undergraduate and graduate students participate in the Institute as part of their curriculum, service learning activities and research projects. Field experiences are an important component of the education program and all students will be required to complete a practicum as part of their coursework. 


大家赢娱乐The Institute seeks to partner with local, national and state associations and organizations dedicated to the advancement of healthy aging. These partnerships will be created strategically based on the compatibility of their mission and goals with Felician University. As an academic institution of higher education, the University expects its national and local focus on advancing healthy aging will be a positive influence in accessing citizens, employers and agencies that might not otherwise be engaged. 

Significance of the Institute 

The opportunity to be recognized as a champion leader in a movement to advance healthy aging will shed much attention and focus on the role of the Felician University Institute for Gerontology. Felician seeks to be the “go to experts” on issues of advancing healthy aging. The opportunity to receive significant external funding is matched by the seriousness of this societal issue. On a qualitative level, Felician University will benefit from their ability to influence populations of our society to achieve a more harmonious, healthy and spiritual life. Felician University, through the Institute for Gerontology, will be recognized as a community force in making a real difference in the lives of older adults.