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Middle States Self-Study Process


Special Tools

  • Setup your password reset tool

  • Setup instructions
    How to setup your password reset tool

  • 大家赢娱乐 Activate password reset tool

  • Control your spam email settings

  • 大家赢娱乐 Sign up for emergency text message notifications

  • 大家赢娱乐 Alcohol awareness program for incoming students

  • 大家赢娱乐 Discounts for students

  • Submit a facilities request

For Assistance

If you need assistance with any of these accounts (with the exception of Brightspace), please email the Felician Helpdesk大家赢娱乐. Kindly include your contact information.

Online Brightspace Support

If you experience issues after you log on to Brightspace, please contact the Brightspace (D2L) Helpdesk, available 24 hours, seven days a week at 1-877-325-7778 or email the Brightspace Help Desk.