Older is Better Wraps Up Until Spring

大家赢娱乐You’re never too old to learn something new.

大家赢娱乐For the last 3 decades that’s been the working mantra of Felician’s Older is Better Program.

The popular program for people 55 and older wrapped up its Fall season December 13 with luncheon at Iviswold Castle on its Rutherford Campus. And even though most participants have been out of school for between 30 and 50 or more years, they like to call their time spent with the program “a semester.”

That’s because while they do kick back and enjoy time together chatting over coffee and cake (for a nominal cost of 3 dollars), those who take part in Older is Better meetings are always learning new things - things that help keep them both interested and interesting.

Felician has many annual events that people look forward to, such as the popular Thanksgiving centerpiece craft presentation, and Professor Bob McParland’s talks on literary topics.”

In fact, Professor McParland’s talk on JFK’s book Profiles in Courage, prompted lively conversations among Older is Better participants about whether President Kennedy’s classic book may have had a ghost writer.

Marie Keim of East Rutherford says she enjoys everything from chair yoga to talks on music, poetry and literature. Former Science teacher Joan Tabor agrees saying, “It’s fantastic. I learned something every single time I came.” Tabor signed up for Felician’s upcoming course Prism Paterson after hearing about it from Professor Sherida Yoder, at an Older is Better session. The Prism Paterson course will focus on the literature, music, art, and photography of the city of Paterson.

For former math teacher Jackie Bakal says Older is Better is “the perfect outlet for retired folks to see people and come to interesting talks.”

And just as parents and grandparents will often ask their children, “so, what did you learn in school today,” Older is Better turns things around and gives seniors the chance to be asked the same thing. Tabor says people are always asking her “What did you learn and what can you share with us? And I tell them everything and they can't wait for me to go back again and learn more.”

And to top it all off participants left with free poinsettias. Older is Better will resume in the Spring.

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