Mum claims slug-infested home with ‘no-go rooms’ gave her daughter tonsillitis


A mum claims her damp and slug-infested home gave her daughter tonsillitis and left some rooms in the house inhospitable.

Nicola Hodgson, 29, moved in the Leeds property into in 2015 – but says she has since been dealing with damp and mould problems ever since.

The machine operator said she complained to Leeds City Council in 2016 after spotting mould behind the sofa of her house in East End Park.

But since then, Nicola claims the problems have escalated and says her home is now attracting “slugs and other wildlife”.

She even claims her seven-year-old daughter Brooke has fallen sick because of the conditions, with mould spreading across the walls of the youngster’s bedroom.

Work was undertaken to fix a huge leak in her daughter’s bedroom as well as to resolve the problems.

But Nicola says the work was never finished and issues have come back worse this time around.

In pictures shared with LeedsLive mould can be seen in the bathroom, behind Brooke’s toy box, on walls all over the house and a leaking roof in Brooke’s room caused by the rising damp.

Nicola believes the problem is due to the conditions in her cellar.

She said: “As long as they’re getting their rent, they aren’t bothered about the conditions I’m living in.

“They know I’ve got my daughter living with me here.

“She was three-years-old when the damp started.

“Since she was just three or four years old started developing tonsillitis, I’ve only just found out this can be caused by damp.

“I’ve had other people telling me they’ve had the same problems with the council.

“I don’t know what it is, they don’t want to come and sort anything.

“I’ve had slugs and other wildlife [in the home] because it’s that damp.”

Speaking on the conditions in the property, she said: “At one point, no one could go into the top room, she had to sleep in my bedroom.

“No one could go into that top room, it was that bad.

“The leak and the damp that’s all comeback. All they did has been undone because it’s all come back even worse.

“I’m just being fobbed off all the time.

“I’ve had a number of surveyors out and they have said it’s rising damp and said it’s rising from the cellar.”

Nicola claims following a recent visit from someone from the council to show them the problems around the house, she was told the mould and damp was caused by her lifestyle because she had her clothes drying in the bathroom.

Nicola has since filed another complaint in a bid to get the problems in her home resolved.

“Everyone I show them the pictures and tell them they can’t believe it,” she added.

A Leeds City Council spokesperson said: “We take any issues that are raised by tenants relating to the condition of their Leeds City Council properties extremely seriously.

“Any specific complaints that we receive will always be investigated, and appropriate action taken to remedy the problem if deemed necessary following a site visit.

“In terms of specific issues relating to damp, we work closely with our contractors to ensure that any work needed is completed in an appropriate timescale.

“Due to coronavirus restrictions, there has been a delay in some repairs being carried out and we would like to apologise to our tenants for any additional wait that they are currently experiencing.

“We are working extremely hard to ensure that all repairs are undertaken as soon as is possible.”