‘Forgotten’ street plagued by rats and rotting rubbish as residents beg for help


A ‘forgotten’ street has left residents embarrassed to live there and begging for help after it has been overtaken by rats, rotting rubbish and dog mess.

Estcourt Street in Hull, East Yorkshire, has become riddled with discarded debris as people have continued to dump piles of rubbish in its alleys over the years.

Litter is strewn across the pavements and spills onto the road with dog fouling dotted along the footpaths.

Bins are overflowing as rats scurry among the mounds of filth.

Residents have described being angry, ashamed and embarrassed at the state of the street where they live.

Hull City Council has urged residents to report fly-tipping and to share any information they may have.

One man, named only as Neil, said the fly-tipping is vile and has described the street as rat-infested.

“It’s absolutely disgusting down the alley near me.

“Someone has dumped a load of rubbish and clothes down there instead of going to the tip and it’s all rotting and stinking,” said Neil.

“It’s a rat-infested hole and it’s the people here that are to blame for having no pride or decency.

“They don’t give a monkeys and live like animals and bring down the street for the rest of us.

He urged the council to put cameras up to catch those fly-tipping in the act.

Another resident, Maria, said the street has been dirty since she moved in three years ago and is angry about the situation.

“It’s been a street covered in litter and fly-tipping like since I’ve moved in, which was July 2019,” she said.

“I’ve seen people throwing cans and rubbish on the street – they don’t care.

She added: “I had to clean dog muck off my doorstep three weeks ago and cover it in water and bleach to get rid of it.

“It’s makes me angry having to live like this.”

Peter, who also lives in the area, said fly-tippers have been running riot in his backyard and he has removed three piles of waste within the last six months.

He said that as he does not have a door on the back yard of his rented property, people keep coming in to dump their waste.

“My yard is covered in rubbish and fly-tipped waste and there’s dog and cat poo and I don’t even have pets,” he said.

“It makes me feel sick. I’d like to sit out here and make it a barbecue area and even bought a table and brolly but I can’t because it stinks.

“I already suffer mental health problems and it’s made my depression worse.

“The council need to take this rubbish and we need get a key to the alleyway door end to stop people coming down here fly-tipping.”

Joanne has lived in the area for years but has been on Estcourt Street for several years.

She said she is ashamed and embarrassed to live on the street due to the rubbish and tells people she lives on the nearby New Bridge Road if she gets asked.

“It’s just a mess. I keep my patch tidy but the street is disgusting,” said Joanne.

“I’ve seen children just dropping rubbish on the floor and it’s the same with dogs – the owners just let them poo on the floor and don’t clean dog mess.

“There is no respect and instead of going to the tip, people are fly-tipping down the alleys.

“Out the back down my alley is like a bomb site and I’ve seen rats.

“It’s awful and I’m embarrassed to live here – people say ‘where do you live?’ I say ‘New Bridge Road’ as everyone knows Estcourt Street as a rough area. When I’m out with work colleagues I get dropped off at the end of street as I’m embarrassed for them to see where I live.

“It’s terrible. It’s depressing.”

A spokesman for Hull City Council said: “We encourage residents report to the council when fly-tipping takes place, and to share any information they may have.

“This includes descriptions of those carrying out this anti-social behaviour, and vehicle registration numbers that will help secure prosecutions.

“Fly-tipping is a criminal offence, and we will not tolerate it. It blights neighbourhoods and is hazardous to people, animals and the environment.”